East Leake Triathlon March 2015

So here we go for the start of the 2015 Triathlon season, East Leake.  It’s the end of March , so  expect some seasonal type weather .not ! The 8am Sunday morning start means an early night, but no, Cheryl and Jimmy decide to get married the day before and invite us all to an evening celebration , obviously so we don’t rack-up too many Club Championship points.

Sharon S. starts off the 30 club members entered out of a total of 400 competitors in the 4 lane pool for  16 lengths of an all out slog. After a very pleasing 14mins she’s heading for the bike leg albeit a little damp and breezy (the weather that is) . It’s another hour and another 100 or so competitors before our next member is starting and supporters start to turn up to shout abuse (sorry encouragement) in the now deteriorating  weather conditions with their warm jackets and hot tea.

The swim (count your own lengths) does make a lot of our athletes anxious , but after the amount of extra training that was available , their swimming  times have tumbled . Although tumble turns were allowed , the shallow end makes it almost impossible to do them and when you are blocked by 2 swimmers at the same time , Alex B lost a significant amount of time.  More time is lost on the long transition if you’re not a runner.

What can we say about the bike leg , windy,scary, exciting or just plain tough. The bikes were rattling on the stands like wind-chimes and you were lucky if your race belt was still attached to it.  Poor Michelle K caught the kerb after a cross-wind assisted turn and was unable to complete the lap. We were warned there were potholes in the bottom of the puddles , they looked more like mini lakes to us , but the head-on wind on the out lap was certainly the worse we have encountered in a competition . Well that is until some of the boys compete in Lanzarote IM  this May. Thinking that it will be plain sailing (literally) on the way back , the last mile of the bike course is back into the wind. Ouch.  Dave E however decided that the course wasn’t long enough so took a detour towards the town centre. That’s what happens when your head is down , but still a respectable bike split.

2/3 done , now for a nice easy 5k run .ha!! Get off your bike , your trainers are soaking ( they were placed upside down , but some nice person kicked them across the transition area) . Meanwhile the Chairman is having a nice chat on his run obviously discussing how those big dark black clouds are starting  to roll in and Carolyn D is running with her customary bottle of go-faster  drink. With the last six runners now starting their last lap the heavens open up and you cannot see the road for horizontal rain, nor the supporters shouting from INSIDE the hall. Even the finishing gazebo decided to put itself down before the last man crossed the line.

Once inside the hall there were smiles on everyone’s faces as we realised how well Nuneaton Triathlon Club had done again.  Plenty of podium places

Well done to everyone, competitors and supporters alike. Let’s hope for better weather next time !

Results:- http://www.sportstimingsolutions.co.uk/rd.php?id=16

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